To Shoe or Not to Shoe

When asked why barefoot?, I simply respond with, if you understand how your horses hooves function, you would never consider nailing an IRON brace to your horses hooves.

Consider these next FACTS about your horse…

1. Hooves grow from the coronet band, down to the ground everyday, expanding at the base.

2. The hoof flexes open with every foot fall to absorb the shock of the earth.

3. 80% of impact is absorbed by the hoof.

4. If shod, the horses HINGED joints/ligaments suffer the entire shock of impact.

5. Hooves are auxiliary heart pumps…assisting your horse’s heart in pumping blood.

6. When the foot is weighted, it opens up…when off the ground it closes. Therefore its an IMPOSSIBILITY to place a shoe on a open foot. The “shoe” is too small from day one.

7. The MAGIC of the shoe is that there is a significant decrease in blood flow to the shod hoof, therefore sensation!

8. Most performance horses are started as BABIES; 2-3 years of age. When started, its routine is to place iron shoes on their hooves.

9. Horses don’t reach maturity till 5-8 years of age, depending on size/breed.

10. Their bones continue to grow, till then…if you brace the hoof capsule in an iron shoe, it deforms the bone in the hoof capsule (P3), but not P2…rendering the joint incompatible.

11. Lameness tests, to the horse owner’s expense, begin at 5ish years and the animal is given up on by 10 years of age.

12. Horses used to live/work into their late 20’s/30’s…Performance horses are lucky to see 15.

In my opinion…shoeing horses under the age of 5, should be banned.

I only hope I live long enough to see the day!

Bracy Clark lived in the 1800s. He declared the same facts. He was SHUNNED, and his research hidden for over 200 years.

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