Natural Performance Hoof Care

No Hoof … No Horse

How do we BUILD healthy feet?

  1. Natural Performance Trim
  2. Movement/Natural Lifestyle
  3. Clean Diet of grass…
    …..NO PROCESSED Feed

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The Natural Horse

Mother Nature designed the horse to live in a herd and to have freedom of movement twenty-four hours each day. Movement stimulates overall health.

Horses have a unique digestive system, which includes a stomach that’s smaller than a large dog!  Their stomach does not stop producing acid, and stimulates the need to put anything in it… The standard is to feed 2 flakes in am 2 flakes in pm.  This leaves large periods of time between, where the stomach is empty.  The N.A.G. bag (natural alternative grazer), is a hay net with small holes.  This offers an alternative to horses that must live in paddocks, or have restricted diet needs.  It takes them longer to eat the hay, therefor satisfying their natural instinct to always be foraging.  You can order any size of these from this website: www.slowfeeder.com

When stalled/paddock turn out, your horse will develop “behavior”  issues to deal with this unnatural environment.   Cribbing, weaving, pawing, wind sucking, ulcers, and colic  are only some of the problems that unnatural living/feeding situation brings.

Lots of horses have to live in smaller paddocks/pasture situations…therefor, we must think of creative ways to keep them foraging/moving.

Allowing them to live with at least 2 other horses, spreading the hay all over the paddock, placing several slow feeding bags around the perimeter, place the salt block as far away from the water source as possible, etc all stimulate more movement each day.

Consider this fact. Horses naturally move twice as much at night…napping for only a couple of hours mid day…

When you put them into the barn before dark, you are robbing them of more that half of their natural movement.  Movement stimulates mental/physical/hoof health.

Diet plays a very important role in building healthy hooves, capable of traveling on all terrain.

  • Horses are meant to eat GRASS supplemented only with mineral/salt.
  • ALL EXTRAS, such as treats/fruit/grain/processed feeds, upset their sensitive digestive system resulting in flaring, thrush/white line disease/laminitis, colic and founder.
  • Extra nutrition is only considered for senior horses/compromised horses, or hard keepers.

Rolling out the round bale:
– keeps horses foraging/moving
– dust free
– chewing at ground level
– prevents dental problems




Small piles spread out in clean snow is BLISSFUL!
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