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Horses 101

Miniature horses, are simply put, a large horse, trapped inside a tiny body.  Over the years I’ve fallen for the mini hard…..:)

Our rehab/re-home project has evolved into helping ponies/minis and people.  In restarting these often misunderstood equines, I’ve noticed how much JOY they have given me.  It has been a dream of mine to not only give pony’s/minis a much deserved second chance, but educate children and adults about horses.  Everyone gets into horses for a love of horses, but too often the fundamentals are skipped over in an effort to get to the RIDING part!  All too often horses are just tolerating their human, instead of wanting to develop a true partnership with them.

Mini’s get the short end of the stick all too often, because they become an impulse buy due to their cute factor.  Then when the novelty wears off, they are often neglected, end up foundering and are passed on and on.

So this is how the Mighty Mini Project came about…..I wanted to help Mini’s and Children.

Our mini herd is now ready to start teaching children and adults.


1. How to be SAFE around horses

2. Proper CARE

3. Horse Language 101

4. Effective LEADERSHIP Skills

5.  How to build CONFIDENCE

6. OVERCOME FEAR around horses

7.  How to build TRUST

8.  How to read the BODY LANGUAGE of horses


10. How to BE SUCCESSFUL with your equine partner

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