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Success With Horses works together with other professionals with the intention of helping horses flourish.

Connie Challice NPHCS

Connie Challice has had a life long passion for horses.  Connie and her partner own a carriage ride business that serves Calgary and area.  They have 15 horses including 3 working teams and 1 up coming young team.  They spend a lot of time in the mountains with their horses (riding and driving).  All of their horses run barefoot and live a natural healthy lifestyle.  Their horses are working horses and receive their exercise pulling wagons and carriages around the city, on mountain pack and wagon trips, and farming with horses at their farm outside of Calgary.

5 Day Pack Trip – Horses barefoot over 100 km – Pulsatilla Pass – 8300′ in the Canadian Rockies

In 2002 Connie started to study, train and apprentice as a farrier.  During this time she was introduced to the concept of ‘barefoot horses’.  Wanting knowledge on ALL aspects of hoof care she attended a clinic with Christina Cline of the American Association of Natural Hoof Care.  This common sense approach to hoof and horse care motivated her to pursue more knowledge and Connie proceeded to study with Christina Cline, Lane Moore (Lazy M Ranch), Lisa Huhn (Equinextion), and follows the work of Cheryl Henderson (ABC Hoof Care).

Day 3 of 5 Day Pack Trip – Great traction on the rocks to Badger Pass in the Canadian Rockies

Connie Challice along with Birgitta Wilkinson have formed Success With Horses.  They continue to do research on the equine hoof and educate interested horse owners on the positive effects that natural hoof care/horse care has to offer, and how to achieve healthy successful barefoot horses. They have also created an apprenticeship program training interested individuals for a rewarding career in Natural Hoof Care/horse care.

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Tralauney Thomas

Tralauney Thomas of Equinox Health is a true asset to the horse industry.

She offers therapy services covering saddle fit, chiropractic care and massage therapy. All of her appointments include lessons in stretching and soft tissue techniques that owners can do to assist their horse’s healing. Tralauney’s knowledge is extensive. She truly cares about the health of your horse as well as horse owner education.

Tralauney currently offers the following equine education clinics:
“Equine First Aid” & “Empower the Owner” – a comprehensive Equine Education clinic.

Tralauney Thomas CECT, CEMT
Equi-Health Canada, Equine First Aid Instructor


Virginia O’Connor




Professional Riding Instructor & Trainer

I have been working with horses and people for over 20 years. In the early part of my career, I was a student at Meredith Manor International Equestrian Center and continued there as an instructor for a few years before going back to university, where I continued to teach students at different levels in several different disciplines. My passion has always been dressage, and I have been fortunate to have been able to train several horses through to the Grand Prix Level. I also competed for several years in the U.S. and Canada in dressage at all levels and in three day eventing up to the Intermediate level. I love to team cattle pen and compete in extreme cowboy, and have extensively studied the sports of working cow horse and reining. I believe that the success of all these games comes through building a strong foundation of training and theory, and that a definitive relationship must be created first on the ground and then under saddle with any horse you ride. I now focus my efforts on retraining horses that have communication issues, reconnecting relationships between owners and their horses, and building skill, confidence and theoretical knowledge in riders of all levels and disciplines, so that the sky is the limit for them and their equine partners.

I am happy to say that since meeting Birgitta, Connie and Rachel over 2 ½ years ago, my knowledge of the health and makeup of the horse has grown extensively and has had such a profound effect on me as a horse person. I now enjoy being able to trim my own horses and know what a healthy foot looks like. I am currently working with SWH to provide natural ways of bringing pain relief and hoof healing to horses through aromatherapy — and I must say, my horses have never looked better, especially barefoot over jumps!

***  Just a note to say….Ginny is one of the kindest, patient and giving people I have had the fortune to meet.  My life was forever altered, when I responded to her call to help her pony….  :)   I met not only a great person, but I have made a lifelong friend.  Thank you Ginny, for being a huge part of our team!!  :)






Rachel Gedaliya   NPHCP

(Natural Performance Hoof Care Practitioner)

Chiropractic and massage therapy for our equine friends. Every session includes gait analysis, assessment and treatment of misalignment, massage and stretches according to the horse’s prognosis.

Rachel can be contacted at

1 403-963-2465,   by
e- mail, or on her Facebook page. Rachel’s services are offered year-round in Southern and Central


R. G. Equine Therapy FB

1 403 963 2465





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