Natural Performance Hoof Care Clinic

Teaching horse owners how to build healthy functional hooves and prevent problems through natural diet, lifestyle and correct trimming.

2018 Clinic Dates Cost:  $500.00 + GST

A non refundable deposit of $200.00 is required to secure your spot in the clinics.

Feb 12th  public dissection clinic (Indus,AB)

March 30th- April 1st  (Cochrane,AB)

May 11-13th  (Cochrane, AB)

Dr. Tomas G Teskey DVM Clinic June 29th- July 1  (Indus, AB)

Sept 21st- 23rd (Cochrane, AB)


Clinic Objectives

A three day introduction to Natural Performance Hoof Care Day 1: Anatomy, Function & learning how to use tools on cadavers Day 2: Review, Trimming Live horses Day 3: Review, More info on care, Trimming more live horses. *Continuing after-support.

Day 1

  1. Starts at 9am
  2. Lecture  on  Anatomy/Lifestyle/Diet will be discussed in length before lunch
  3. Lunch Break…bring your own, coffee/tea will be provided
  4. Learn to trim on cadaver feet from 1-5 pm

Day 2

  1. Review
  2. Set up trim will be demonstrated, taking time and care to explain every step
  3. Owner’s horses will be lined up and instruction will begin on each individual foot as to what to trim first.
  4. Clinic participants will begin trimming their own horses. ** Please note:  If you cannot bring horses, a fee of 75$/horse will be charged to provide you with a horse to trim.  (trailer/travel charges)
  •  Knives,rasps,chaps, hoof boots, hay nets, etc will be available to purchase

Day 3

  1. Review/questions answered
  2. Looking UP from the feet, discussions on saddle fit, sore backs/stretching will be discussed
  3. Trimming live horses continues
  4. Review/more questions
  5. Ending around 3pm on last day
  • Learn how to build strong, healthy hooves.

This weekend clinic does not however, give its participants permission to trim for other people. Becoming a professional in the industry takes years of experience and learning.

  • Large safe paddocks available for your horses
  • Overnight camping available
  • Please bring hay/water bucket for your horse
  • Please ensure your horse is parasite free and healthy

 Cost of the three day Introduction to NP Trimming Clinic is:   $ 650.00 plus gst

To attend lecture ONLY: ***Lecture cost,  60$ plus gst Morning on the first day of the clinic (9am-noon) Clinic  booklet an additional cost of 30$ plus gst To attend the first day ONLY (lecture & cadaver trimming): is 265$ plus gst

  • One day refresher clinic:  For all previous participants who need a refresher, all clinics are open to you!  Please come to one day during the scheduled clinic.  This day will help close holes in your understanding.  Cost 200$
  • Location:  Spirit Stone Ranch, Cochrane, AB OR Indus, AB


  • Dissection Clinics: Understand anatomy of the hoof/lower leg, at a deeper level.   Observe the dynamic changes to the inner working mechanism just with a trim.
  • Feb 12, 2018
  • Location:  Indus, AB
  • Cost:   $225.00 + GST
  • Instructor: Birgitta Wilkinson, NPHCS, NP Hoof Care Educator/Trimmer
  • Instructor: Connie Challice, NPHCS, NP Hoof Care Educator/Trimmer

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