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Here at Success with Horses we strive to: Empower Veterinarians, Equine Professionals & the Horse Owner on Natural Hoof Care, Rehabilitation and Lameness Prevention


Working together with a group of like minded people, SWH, specializes in educating the horse industry about the importance of HEALTHY HOOVES.  We believe education is a very powerful tool to ending needless suffering for horses/horse owners.

PREVENTING common problems such as “navicular disease”, laminitis and founder, side bone, ring bone, unexplained lameness issues, etc…is our GOAL.

Supporting  owners/ horses through the transition process, from traditional to natural,  is very important to the team at SWH.

Everyone that has horses has once had a powerful dream to build a successful relationship with a very special equine friend. Hopefully your dream has come true.
Sadly, statistics tell us different. Its been said that up to 70% of first time horse owners sell their horse within the first year.

The horse industry can be very frustrating for horse owners,  because there are such varying opinions/beliefs.

What has helped to guide The Team at SWH, has been Mother Nature.   Horses would have never survived evolution if MN got it wrong.   Through this philosophy, SWH found our mentors,  gained knowledge, which brought confidence, which inspired Success with Horses.

SWH is a place where we help to guide you through the world of horses as Nature Intended.

We strive to …

Natural Hoof Care, Education, Rehabilitation &  Lameness Prevention.
As Mother Nature Intended!!


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